Citrix HDX Engine has stopped working

I am doing some automation for following steps with UiPath studio.

  1. Log on to citrix via a web page.
  2. Click Sap app icon in citrix web page
  3. Perform some activities in Sap app.
    At the begining,all steps can run successfully during development,but gradually step 2 became unstable,when click the sap app icon,it wlll often pop out message box “Citrix HDX Engine has stopped working", i searched in google,it is said it can be resolved via changing the parameter in windows register,because the windows register in company pc is not easily to be updated,i am seeking your help if there is alternative solution to slove this issue? Thanks

Hello @Jim_Yang_1117

Is this issue happening only with Automation or even manually also are you facing this issue?

Did you tried updating the citrix extension?


Thanks for your reply,after further go through the activies in step 2,i found the i ssue is caused by incorrect selector used in the condition of retry activity,now it seems stable .

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