Citrix - Excel - Shorten the length of scroll bar to enable viewing/selection of "Sheet"


I have an application which is more or less like MS-Access/Excel. As shown in screenshot below, the application has several sheets, however not all the sheets are visible.

What I want to do is reduce the size of scroll bar, so that I can see the sheets which are hidden and select the one which I want.

I tried using Recording and Click but its resulting Click generic error. I am sure the error is at this point, because when I disable this specific step, the program works fine.

I cannot upload the xaml file or detailed screenshot as it is confidential data. Moreover this application is in Citrix environment

It would be helpful if you could help me

See the sample screenshot below

Hi @Selvasathappan

This is really tricky. How about clicking one of the tabs and then sending the [right] key multiple times to hopefully navigate to the tabs on the right?