Calender input in citrix


What I am trying to do is a click a calendar input field, and typing date value,month, and year in a CITRIX Application.

I have given a click activity in the calendar field, default date in the field is today’s date.

So I am telling the robot to click on ‘23-Sept-2018’, but if the date changes it is not recognizing the calendar field.

Is there any other method to click on the calendar regardless of the date there?


Can you input your date without clicking on a specific date? Also, see if you can reach the calendar input field without having to use image based activities i.e. by sending hotkeys (tab key)

Thanks for the quick reply.
But for the very first day input , a click is necessary, and for month ,year i am giving a arrow right hotkey

Since I don’t have access to that application,I can’t be sure if anything i suggest will work 100%. But try clicking on the very first date of the month and then use arrow keys to traverse to other dates. Let’s say you need to go to 6th of october. What if you click on 1st of October and then you use the arrow key (6-1=5) times? You think that might work? Try and let me know.

Hi @sreejith.g

I have an idea. Could you first tell UiPath to click this image:
Afterwards, send an Esc hotkey to close the date selection screen.
This should make the date field active.

If all went well, you should be able to go backwards to the first Date field with either Left arrow hotkeys or Shift+Tab combination.

@loginerror That was a great idea.
The click is working smoothly.
But Each time an esc key is pressed the selection is in random positions,means either in day ,month, or year fields randomly.

Well that is annoying. Does the hotkey spin the field in circle? If not, you can simply add hotkeys to ‘reset’ the position by moving to the left-most position after the holidays eacape. If not, does Ctrl+a select all fields? You could then set the clipboard to your desired value and simply paste it over the things that are there.

@loginerror But none of the hotkey combinations(like ctrl+left,alt+left,ctrl+home…etc) can make the selection in left-most position .

If in case it is already in leftmost position,i.e day value,an ‘arrow left’ hotkey will jump selection to year

And does the second suggestion work? Is it possible to use Ctrl+A to select all and then paste the full date value from clipboard?

@loginerror No, only dayvalue,month or year individually can be set .