Citrix automation newbe

I need to try automaton with Citrix base software (EPIC) in enterprise environment. What software do I need to install on client and server (can be not possible).


If you want to just try Citrix automation you don’t need to install any software, if you can take remote of any machine which is available for remote desktop connection then you can start working on that…

what UI software do I need to use C#? Can I use community edition?

Hi @arkgroup

Feel free to explore our documentation to learn more about Citrix automation:

As to the choice of your license, it strictly depends on how big your company is. Please refer to this page for a comparison between the editions and detailed information about them:

Can you let me know when this native automation was released. Also is there any video tutorial which explains the setup for the same. I believe this doesnt mean the robot will be available as xenapp instead robot still runs on a VDI/VM and then can access the citrix xenapp natively.

Hi @SandeepJan

It was properly released in 2018.4, our most recent version.

You are correct, you still access the apps through XenApps, but with the ability to use selectors :slight_smile:
The documentation I linked above contains both configuration details as well as a short sample:

Thanks… I have seen the example and it looks good… So we should be able to run our robot on a windows server vm and then access xen app via citrix receiver and still perform automation natively… I hope this is correct understanding

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Yes, this is correct, as long as the Studio is installed on the Windows VM.

Please keep in mind that this feature is relatively new and will be polished in the coming releases. If you encounter any issues or you would have some suggestions, feel free to share those with us. Your feedback will be very appreciated by our product team :slight_smile:

yeah we have decided to run a POC Phase first instead of agreeing for a full fledged implementation :slight_smile:

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