Citrix Automation Dilemma

Why do we use citrix automation in UiPath ?

Can you clarify your question, give more detail?

I am learning and studying the RPA field and I have found the “Citrix Automation” topic talking about using a virtual dektop that we can automate our processes and I was wondering why would I be doing automation challenges on a vitrual desktop and not my actual one?

Hey @Amr_Nweery

It completely depends on the organization security policies.

There are some scenarios, where due to security reasons the target application to be automated will only be available inside a Citrix environment to access and operate.

In such cases there is no other option, but to go with the Citrix based automation.

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You would do it that way because it’s how the application is given to you. Some applications you use Citrix to access them, so to automate in those applications you have to use Citrix automation.

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