How to Resize Chrome browser to browser size for ex (500*700)

Hi I am trying to resize my Chrome browser to my desired ratio of screen for example (Height 500 * Width 700).
I tried to use Move window activity however I found that it works only for IE browser. Could anyone please check this if it is possible to resize chrome in any other way.
Thank you !

You will have little luck with this.
Chrome won’t allow resizing.

There could be ways in the settings to keep chrome window to a specific size. However, that would be a manual activity that you need to perform.

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Is there any specific requirements for this resolution??

Yes I am working on Browser compatibility Test framework automation for a game. Which includes resolution modulation.

You won’t be able to set an exact width and height, but this activity would let you resize and position a Chrome Browser => Position Window - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

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