Chrome responding too long


I moved my process into the Virtual Machine and it does not work as on my local pc.

So happenes:

  1. I run chrome in Init stage
  2. I start the page with sharepoint in private mode as I want to log as a service user.
  3. I wait untill the image with the logo appears.
  4. It stays so long with such view and does not want to load the sharepoint login side
  5. After the UI activity crashes It loads and is visible immediately.

When I set a breakpoint on this step it works but that is not a solution I think.

Any idea how could I fix it?

My first idea you should check is the resolution on a virtual machine. You are using an image, so it will not recognize this image if the resolution is different than on your computer.
In the orchestrator (robots settings), you can set the resolution here:

You can also configure the file like here:

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