Chrome save file at specified Location works differently on two Machines

Hello Friends,
Can someone help me to figure out the problem with chrome setting? I have created a bot which downloads the files at specified location on the run. Then pick that file from the download location for further processing. This bot is working perfectly fine on my machine. When I test this bot on user machine, Bot prompts for the save file window with correct path but doesn’t save the file at that location and throw application exception that there is no file in the download folder.

I think u need to change the chrome settings

@nidhi.goyal1 - It’s always best practice use type into activity to pass the File Name variable to save the file at your desired location(Server Path or use Get Environment folder) …as @NIVED_NAMBIAR mentioned settings will be different is each machine, so it’s not possible to change the settings on each machine…

Do you know the exact setting for this scenario to change on user machine?

Check this @nidhi.goyal1

I am using Type into activity and create path dynamically and attch file name. “C:\Users” & System.Environment.UserName & in_Config(“UserFolder”).ToString

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@NIVED_NAMBIAR These settings are already in place on user machine. I guess that is why the bot prompts for save screen on user machine and enter the full path in file name text.

@nidhi.goyal1 - Did the bot downloaded file to the desired location first(It didnt right?) …May be bot does not have access to that location…just guess

@prasath17 Bot didn’t download the file at specified location. Bot has the access to that location. I can say for sure because config file is also in the same folder and bot is accessing it perfectly.

@Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando any thoughts on this issue

@nidhi.goyal1 - got it…but somehow that activity got completed right? then you have to check the log file and see where the file got downloaded…or you have to find out using debug activity to check the path…

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Somehow the file is downloaded at the default chrome folder on user side

@nidhi.goyal1 - is it possible share the image of the workflow in question? including how you are using save file and the activities…

@prasath17 these 3 activities are used to save the file at specified location.

  1. Get name of current file from the “File Name” Text area.
  2. Attach the current file with customized path folder location.
  3. click save

@nidhi.goyal1 - got it…

I was recently working on a similar project to saveAsPDF and i faced the same issue…Then i adjusted the activity little bit…

Can you please add Click activity to choose the file type (even its the default) after the type into and then do as Click Save…this will make that the path in field .

or First choose the file type --> the type into file name --> click Save…

Please try either one…Hope this helps…

You know the problem is with default setting of chrome. It remembers where you have saved the file last time. Even though you prompt the bot on the run for customized location(" enter the full path in filename field"), It still remember the last location.
So we have to manually save the file at correct location and after that the bot is remembering that location and saving there. It does not make any sense to me to do this on each run, I will better change the default setting through Bot and once its done change back the default setting.