Chrome responding very slowly from some of the web sites

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to check if someone has faced this issue before,

As part of one of the process we are scraping some data items from Yahoo finance, and periodically we are seeing the websites take too long to completely load, due to which since most of the activities are having interactive mode, it expects the browser to load to some extent before it does the actual scraping hence the whole process takes too long to complete, and in the same VM, we are able to scrap data from other sources without issue.

I am thinking it might be due to Yahoo has too many ads which is taking time to load fully, but i am not quite sure why this is happening periodically, i have tried clearing cache using incognito mode , but nothing seems to work.

Would be glad to hear if someone has seen this issue before and found out a resolution

Hi @nithin_ramesh

The issue might arise because the activities that is seraching for UI Element may not appear due to ads so please use Ad blocker extension so that the ads won’t get appeared in that particular browser.

Hope this helps you !!

@vrdabberu I have tried this as well, but the still the scraping speed doesn’t seem to pick up.

Hi @nithin_ramesh

If you are using classic activity then try with on element appear activity, or else if you are using modern activities then try with check app state and in check app state change the wait time seconds if needed.