Regarding strange behaviour of activities when internet speed or site is slow

Hi all, I am not sure if this is the right forum for my problem, but anyway heres what i am facing.
I am trying to automate a data scrapping process for an auction site. It goes something like this: click on search button to open search conditions modal, inject js script to auto click on search conditions, proceed to search, click on an auction to view details, enlarge image for ocr processing, use conditions that depend on ocr results in an if else loop, go to next auction or next page

Everything goes well when internet speed is normal, but when the site is slow, things happen like:

  1. image is clicked for enlarging and modal is opened but image takes minutes to load, but since the modal is already opened my ocr activity starts without the image being loaded, ending up in everything else proceeding as if there is nothing wrong including going onto the next page
  2. opening the search modal but search proceeds even when my js script has not executed yet (or maybe my script executed before the search modal is shown on screen?), ending up in a search with 0 search conditions

i have set WaitforReady on every activity possible and Element Exists but it seems to have no effect when the site is slow and takes minutes to load. is there any more reliable way to check if my previous activity has finished executing before it continues with the next activity?

Thank you for reading.

by the way my automation was done on Chrome