Chrome, pop up message and element exist problem

Hi there, I have stuck on select the pop up message with element exist activity on chrome. What should I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Have you added chrome extension for uipath studio


IE browser will identify these elements easily and also IE is recommended browser for this assignments.

With chrome it is difficult to identify elements. Once try with Computer Vision activities

yes of course

Hi @Zehra

Have you tried it in or


but I want to use it also with chrome, in business no one use ie instead of chrome
so what should I do now

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yes @AshwinS2 I added thanks but problem is that element exist activity cant choose the pop up message


You can use Computer Vision activities.

Check below thread and follow the steps to install it.

thanks @lakshman I am going to check it
so if I understand truly there is no easy method for this

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Yes, it is difficult to identify but computer Vision will identify elements easily.


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