Cannot find element in chrome extension

I’m using a chrome extension “authenticator” to generate a code for a two-step authentication.
The behaviour of the extension is as follows: Click on the extension icon and the extension opens in a popup window just underneath it. It shows a code that you can click to copy to your clipboard.

UIPath cannot read any of the elements inside the popup. I got UIpath to identify the popupwindow and scrape the text with ocr, but sometimes it can find the code and sometimes it cannot even find any text.

I need it to find the code reliably, since there’s a timer on how many times I can try it wrong.
I am using the community edition.

Hi @robknipscheer

We have an option called Computer vision activity to handle these sort of elements
Kindly have a look on it once buddy

Cheers @robknipscheer

I forgot to mention I’m using the community edition.

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The computer vision package should work in the community edition, you may need to install it from the package manager is all.

No worries buddy you can download the package from manage packages option from design menu in your studio and download the package Uipath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities

Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not
Cheers @robknipscheer

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Thank you and @Ellboy kindly, I will let you know if this worked by marking as answer or replying in this topic.


Cheers @robknipscheer

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I have looked into the ComputerVision application, however, I’m not going to use it. As I’m trying to find out an authenticator code, I’m not willing to send this to an external server to have it analyzed. Especially since I had to agree to terms that said the information I send can be stored with any other personal information.
While I trust there is no malintent meant, I am not willing to send this sensitive data to an external party.

My current solution is to simply use the login’s option to have a verification code sent to my mail, and pick it up there.

Thank you for your help @Palaniyappan.

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