Chrome Extension gets uninstalled on Virtual Machine

We’re moving from OnPrem Orchestrator to Cloud, and we have a license that allow both Orchestrators for some limited time.
We have 4 VMs, and 3 of them are now connected to Cloud.
The problem is that the Chrome Extension gets uninstalled automatically on those.
When I reinstalls it, it last for 1 hour then gets removed.
Is there a limitation in the license, that can remove the Chrome Extension?

I’ve checked GPO (Group policy) and Firewalls, all should be OK.

OnPrem 2020.4.3 and Cloud

Hi @Ferdinand

The following thread might help you with this:

Best Regards.

We have gone through that list.
It’s weird behavior that the Extension just gets removed.

Can you provide some details on what version of Chrome is running and do all extensions get removed or just UiPath?

Hi, we only have one extention, so idk.
But it seems somehow Windows, internet options->advanced->Disable third party extensions was on. I hope it will work now.

Extension: UiPath Web Automation 22.10
Chrome: Latest, Version 112.0.5615.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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