UiPath Chrome Extension Disappears on Reboot

I can install the UiPath chrome extension from the Tools section of the Studio main menu. It shows up in Chrome and I am able to utilize it for my automations. But anytime my computer shuts down or restarts, the extension disappears from Chrome and I have to re-install.

Hello @LaHood_AM

Plz refer to the below post. Also did you installed the extension via uipath studio or dorwctly from chrome?

I installed via UiPath Studio. It doesn’t disappear when I close Chrome, only when I restart my computer

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Ok…Did you tried the settings as mentioned in the post?

Yes, that didn’t help unfortunately

Are you logged into the browser? Do you loose all extensions, or just UiPath?

Do you manage this computer, or is it a company managed asset? If the latter, It could be an enterprise setting that disallows the extension.

Yes, I’m logged into the browser. UiPath is the only extension being lost. It is a company managed asset, but no one else on my team is having this issue, so I don’t believe it is an enterprise setting or I would expect that I wouldn’t be the only one.

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Yeah, if its not happening to anyone else, probably not that.

Have you checked/monitored the chrome extension files during this?
C:\Users\ [login_name] \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

I’m curious if it’s folder is being re-created time and time again and loosing the reference, or if it’s actually being removed each time.

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