Chrome Exstention error

Cannot connect to browser

While using the open browser activity getting the following error :- Cannot communicate with the browser please enable the chrome extensions. So i have done all the possible activity to solve it but issue remains the same. I am using the studio version 2019.5.0. It has happen prior also, so i have uninstalled chrome and again installed it again issue got resolved, but this has happen again please do the needful as i am stuck.

Hi @Gauri_Rawool

Use this link for update the UiPath extension in your chrome ( ).

Kommi Jeevan.

Go to the tools and click on the chrome extension as below,

Then a pop-up will come for enable extension in the chrome, enable it.

Hi @kommijeevan
Already done with following steps still the same issue.

Hi @Manish540

Done the same still the issue remains same.

What version of Chrome you’re using?

Whether in the extension settings of chrome , will you see below thing??..