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Ok so let me give you some context, I am a self taught computer technician and when the opportunity came up to do RPA I jumped at it. my hurdle right now is as I’m going through the lessons I’m realizing that I don’t know any programming languages. I’ve been doing research as to what is the best language to learn (To no Avail) so that I could continue my RPA journey. please advise me on the right language I should learn and also where I could find resources on it

Learn Java… or C# or Dot.Net.

thanks for the response, Which would be my quickest way to getting back on the RPA hores?

Any one of this programing language will help you to raid on RPA.
Basically, RPA required Automation Mind set. If you identify the process steps then it will be easy for you to put activities in the same process sequence…

While putting activities, you need very little code logic in Vb Scripting, C# or DotNet or Java. All these languages will support.

UiPath Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It will support all these languages.
ok… hope my inputs are useful.

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How about Python?

Yes it will also useful… and widely using in RPA, AI and Machine Learning also…

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Ok thank you. guess i have a whole lotta learning to do then

All the best!

Much appreciated