Checking combinations of conditions

Let’s say I have 5 different conditions and I want to check all the possible conditions when you combine the 5 initial conditions. Something like “cond1” and “cond2” = result1, “cond4” and “cond 5” = result10 etc. And what if I wanted to check for more than two combinations, what about “1,2,3,5” = result 30, “2,3,5”=result31?
For now what I’m working on has only few conditions so I’m doing nested If activities to just go through them one by one. What if I had 100’s of combinations, is there a way to check every condition first and just go straight to the result, or just an easier way to do it overall?

Hi @daqc
In your case you can use Switch activity instead of nested if below links will help you

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Thanks, looks like what I’m looking for. I’ll mark it as solution for the time being.

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