Checkbox selectors

Hello ,

Please help as soon as possible.

I want to select below feed. I have to select checkbox.

Checkbox click event selectors

Hi @pari_patel
i could not find the checkbox here
can u highlight it pls?


See below picture. This is the microsoft D365 website.

By selecting this checkbox it will select All orders on the page see below.

Hi @pari_patel
got it, then what is the issue u are facing with selector?

My selectors are not dynamic. My robot is failing because of this checkbox selection. By using this selectors, not able to click on that checkbox. Can you help me wuth that ?

Can u see which attribute is changing there ?

Let me check and will send you ss.

remove parent id from selector…validate and highlight the selector then.

Hey, I tried before but not working… would you mind to suggest me what exactly I put in selectors ? Title , aria lable ?

See below:

Can u add css selector in your selector?

Ok. So, What items exactly I need to add in selectors ?

Let see if it works by adding css selector attribute

See :

Can you share full screen of uiexplorer?

You need to choose full checkboxes from property

Is it validating the ui element ?

Yes, it is

Then try it whether it works by using the updated selector

Sure see below:

It is not working