Check the sequence of the numbering

Dear All,
I have come across a requirement where i need to check the Numbering of all clauses and sub-clauses are accurate in a word document.

For Eg: 1. Topic heading
2. Second Topic
2.1… So on
Here I need to check whether the numbering is done correctly or not. Here the main clause numbers 1, 2 are in bold and the sub clauses like 1.1,.1.2 etc are not bold.

Check this hope it helps:

Thank you @shanmukh0812 will check suggested topic. Cheers

if you just have to validate it then you can use read word file and then write regex to match the pattern, if this pattern found then you can validate from the output array.


My requirement is to check Numbering of all clauses & sub-clauses are accurate. The document i receive is as above and it is unstructured. Kindly suggest the possibilities.
Thank you