I want to read a specific data from Word Document

Hi all,
There is an Word document form. I want a specific text to read from it and store it in excel.
Please give the suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Jayesh_678

Refer this. Also we do have many posts regards this in our forum.


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strong textThanks for reply…
I have tried but not getting a specific answer.
Please see the screenshot of word file.
I want to fetch a 100$ data.

Word_Screenshot So I have done the following scenario. Please see the screenshot.


It Is giving me result like as screenshot.
But I want only 100$.
Please help me with suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

Hey man,

have you found the answer for this? To extract text between two words? Please share the solution.


HI ,
you can use regex expression for text between two word.
use matches activity and below expression (look ahead look behind)
(?<="+first variable name+")(.*?)(?="+second variable name+")

hello @Jayesh_678
if you are getting data like this(In the above message box) you can use string manipulation ie split or substring methods to get the 100$

yes, I got the solution.

Thank you all…

Hi, could you share your solution?
Having difficulty doing this too!


You can try this syntax:-
word_OUTPUT.Split({"(Current Year) “},System.StringSplitOptions.None)(1).Trim.Split(System.Environment.Newline(0))(0).Trim.Replace(”_____", " ")