How to get specific text from word document

I would like to extract specific text from word document (i.e beside of numbering and bulleted points) and put it into notepad… for ex: in word,
1.1 Chapter 1
* hi
1.2 Chapter 2
* yyy
1.3 Chapter 3
1.4 Chapter 4

bot should produce an output like Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Check the attached solution (12.9 KB)


hi vvaidya
tq for ur response… but the chapter numbers are in numbering and bullets not 1.1… I need to scrape from numberings and bullets value

Consider it as a basic example and use that logic, I’m not sure if you can use bullets as string.You may also try Substring,Split. Good Luck!

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hi vvaidya
Actually I used with your logic but it is showing empty… because it is not identifying the numberings and bullets in the word… I scrape the whole document it is generating output without numberings and bullets

Can you share your word?

forum is not allowing me to upload .doc or .docx file… I ll share a pdf copy of it and some screen shots

SOP RECEIVING.pdf (223.3 KB)

I already extracted objective and sections using anchor elements…