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I’m so sorry if this topic was discussed, I couldn’t find it.
I need to use UiPath for check incoming email to Outlook (2010) and verify the information in attachments (pdf and xlsx). I dont wanna overload the server by saving attachments, just check if the same information (text, numbers) is in the attachments.
If there is similar topic please send me a link.


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Why dont you just save the attachement, open it, read the content for the data you need. After this delete it and use a flow to descide which action to do after it.

Save attachement → UiPath.Mail.Activities.SaveMailAttachments
Find file in directory → System.IO.Directory.GetFiles
Then open the file
Search for the content you need
Delete the file
Use Flow to descide next action


Hi @Sajuri,
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To be able to check what is inside the attachment you need to save it somehow. So as @Joeri_Rethy said it’s better to make a workflow which will save the attachment, do what is needed and the just remove it.


Thanks for answer.
Is it possible open attachment, copy text / numbers to clipboard and check it? Pdf is customized for copy.
My colleagues have a similar robot and copy the information to Excel and compare it in the table.

Exactly as you said. You need to save data needed to compare in excel or in variable to process this further.

yes it is, scrape the text. Then use the “To clipboard” function, and the variable which you you used to put your scraped text will be set in your clipboard. Ready to be used!

I hope this helps your problem!

Thank you for your answers. I will try it :slight_smile:

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