Check string exist and write into another position on same excel file

Hi everyone.

I have scrapted data from website. I want to check some string exist in ExtractDataTable and then write them into different columns in same excel file.

In the Write Range activity, how to do this ?

Pls kindly check picture as below and support me.

Thanks in advance.

I have used Add Data Row activity as below picture… but it have error when I run.

Pls check


Here, You have to use Write Cell activity to write into cell.

Hi @lakshman

I faced with one new error.


In write cell, you have to pass string the one you want to write it. But you are passing Data Table here. SO, it is giving error.

Hi @lakshman

Sorry, Pls check my XAML file and edit …

Thanks you so much!File.xaml (14.4 KB)

Hi @lakshman

I have edited

. the result written into excel file but have something wrong.

Need to add activity “Build data table” with name “dtout” before add row , and configure its columns like row …

hi @habouzied

Sorry, could you pls edit in my XAML file for your suggest ?

Thanks you!File.xaml (14.4 KB)

sorry because , language you used is not english,i will try to do same idea …on other XAML…
but mail idea is :
you need to create table by “Build data table” which you will use in ADD ROW
this table should have same structure of row …then you can use in write range…

Hi @habouzied

Thanks you.

But I want to use Write Cell activity in this case.

I want to check in ExtractDataTable which scrapted from Website… if the string exist in this DataTable, it will write that row into A column and other will write into B column on the same excel file.

Hi @lakshman & @habouzied

Sorry, attached file is my XAML file… I have used Write Activity but the result which written into excel file not correct.

Pls kindly check.What is wrong in my process ?

Thanks in advance.
File.xaml (14.3 KB)

Check this please , it may helpSequence1.xaml (13.8 KB)

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Hi @habouzied

Thanks you so much… I will do with my project and inform to you result later.

Hi @habouzied

Thanks you so much. The result is fine.

And now, I have a excel file with two column.

I want to check all of row in Column A to find the word “apple” and after write result into the Col B.

How to do that ?

Pls kindly suggest me this sample.

Thanks you!File Filter.xlsx (8.1 KB)

I have done this case by myself…^^


sorry , i just see your comment :slight_smile:

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