How write row data

i’ve my data like this

now i need the data in the second column like

  1. i need read the two columns and in the the if condition row1 names to be found and if the match is found i need to write the data for that row in a different column
    e.g., if row contains “policy_annual_premium:” then i need the data opposite to it which is “1328.26” be wrote in the different excel.

can anyone help me how can this be done

Hi @lakshmi3

I am getting your process well , could u explain it little better?

i’m scraping data from pdf and saving it to the excel like this

now we have 1 column wiith the header names and the another column with the data for that particular column
now i need to write the data in to the another excel if it matches the name i searched for suppose

this is the flow i’m trying

  1. if the row has the name i’m searching for then i want the data in the next column to be wrote in a different excel

It seems like u are updating the same excel but writing to different excel right?

this is my first excel wwhere i’ve save the data from the pdf and need to compare the names and if the name matches then i need only the data to be moved and paste in the another excel which alreay has the headers as same

Hi @lakshmi3
So this means u had to do for all rows in first excel?

yes every need to read and verify wheathr it is matching or not

Hi @lakshmi3
Just thought of this logic as well
Main.xaml (14.9 KB)
Excel1.xlsx (8.9 KB)

This is the sample excel file added and main file.xaml.

This is based on ur concept

Let me know if it works

Nived N


this is the error i’m getting

Can u show the value of index ?

can u share the xaml once

I had shared the same file earlier right?

its not opening actually
this is the index i’m getting

i’ve tried the same code with the multiple pdfs but i’m getting the index error can u tell me why

Can u just print what is index ?

can u tell me clearly what should be done