Check read-unread messages from web portal

Here is my question is

How we can check message list one by one on web portal if any message found unread then how it will click on the message link?

There are 4 column in my message list but i want to check message status, if the message status is Unread then it will click on from name(message name) and after that check it one by one till the last end of list.

please give me the solution on my question step by step explanation because i’m beginner for this technology



  1. Use Data Scraping activity to scrape the data and will give you output as Datatable and say DT.

  2. And then use For Each Row activity to iterate that Datatable DT.

ForEach row in DT
If row(“Status”).ToString.equals(“Unread”)
Then use Click activity to click on that name
Else do other steps if it is equal to read.



I agree.



but while using Click activity to click on that name we have to indicate specific name but in this case there is random name generated on portal,So what should we do in this case

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What I understood from your reply was that selector of the element where you click on would differ, which makes sense. I suggest you make dynamic selector where the click operation is made only the the satisfied condition elements.

Not solved yet please guide me other way


Could you please take screenshot of that element selector and show me that element. So that we can help you better in this.

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If the objective of the module to read the unread messages, try to achieve the same using background Mail Activities like Exchange. This will help to read unread messages and change the status from unread to read from workflow.

@lakshman @hacky Thanks guys to guide me i got the solution but in different way if u want then i’ll comment it…but thank you so much…

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