Loop all the UNREAD mail

Hi Guys, I am stuck in a scenario where in , I need to read all the UNREAD mail from specific website and download the attachment, I am able to read one mail but I need to put all the mail in loop so that process can read all the UNREAD mail at a time.
Note:: In this scenario I cant use IMAP activity, I have used Click activity to read UNREAD mail, any suggestions idea would be much appreciated.

Try to get the mail server details from settings and use any Get email activity. You have to get the list of mail messages, then only we can iterate through the loop

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@praseedplk thank you for your response, since I have no access of Mail server details that is why I used alternative option Click activity and selectors to read UNREAD mail.

Do the selectors change when a mail message is marked as read? Also are they in a table like format where you could loop through and increment a counter inside your selector?

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@JosephNehl Thank you for your response, Yes selectors get changed when Unread mail message get marked as read. No mails are in not table format.

The next step is to see if there is any common value changing between each mail message that you want to click. Is there a value that you can see incrementing or that has a specific pattern? If so we can use this to create a dynamic selector that iterates through them. Try experimenting with the UiExplorer tool and clicking between different mails that need to be read and see if there is a common value that increments. Try not to include parts of the selector that change and have specific details like the name of the message since we want to be able to generalize the selector for all mail messages.