For each UI Element for unreaded link / message

I have a page with a list to select different products, I am looking at the “for each ui element” option, and it could be useful because I want to enter each link (product) in the list, but I have a question, in the text where you should click Click on each of them a text appears “number of unreads”, and in each of them that number could change. In one product there may be 15 unread, and in another 20 unread, 30 unread. How could I make for each ui element only take into account the “unread” part and discard the number so as not to generate an error?

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Make sure the number of unread is included in any of the attributes in your selector
Replace the numerical value alone with wildcard * symbol

So your selector attribute should include

  1. Actual link
  2. Number of unread as a text in any of the attributes
  3. Numerical value - has to replaced with wildcard
  4. Have either index attaribute id or keep any positional attributes like tablerow and include that with any variable so that we can increment that variable
    This is to ensure that click activity goes for each link one by one

Hope this helps

Cheers @Julian_Torres_Torres