Check Box activity selector is valid but activity errors out on program run

I am creating a UiPath Bot for retrieving attached files to Items in IBM Notes. I am using the Find function to get the Item I want to retrieve the attachments from. I get the find window to open but when I use a click activity to expand the Find Options I get an error hat the check box is not supported. Is there a different activity I should use?
Attached is the activity and the selector which shows as valid, the window opens with or without the options displayed (A) and (B) and both validate with the same selector.

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Hi @ron.butler,

I think you should use a simple Click activity instead of using Check activity. Because this “Find Options” is not a checkbox field.

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The problem is it acts as a check box, I do not know which state it is in I just need it to be checked (active) so I can select the check boxes it displays, whos states I do not know I set the displayed check boxes in later activities after the one that is erroring has displayed the others. IBM Notes always opens the window with what ever was previously selected and since this workflow will be used by multiple users, I can’t rely on the last used settings.

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Got it @ron.butler

So, use an Element Exists activity and indicate Match or Direction label, for example. This activity returns a boolean.

If it returns false, use a click activity on Find Options to have access to those checkboxes and do what you need.

If it returns true, just do what you need with those checkboxes because they are already visible.

Does it make sense?

Thank You,

I will try that after I eat dinner.


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I found out by accident, that the check boxes were active whether they were displayed or not so I removed the activity that does not work.
Thanks for your help

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Oh… I am glad it worked, even by accident :joy:

It’s always a pleasure to help community members, @ron.butler

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