How to use check activites int the checkbox

how to use the check activities in the checkbox
i makes the program and this program is working in the first photo.
and program calls error like 3rd photo.
2nd photo is seletorEditor source from the checks.
what’s is wrong? how can i solve it?
please tell me to the how can solve this problem

Hi issue here is selectors not about checkbox.
So please use UIExplore to find reliable selector.
Try to avoid index idx from the selector.And please make sure aaname is dynamic or not if yes then use wildcard(*).
Anyway if your keen to know how to choose checkbox
2 ways
1.Use GetAttribute activity (mostly aastate) to know if the checkbox is checked or not.
2.Use check activity inside if condition

what is uiexplorer?
how can find the reliable selector?
i only know use the find in the activiteswindow and choose the check or click.
please tell me to the how can solved it and with the photo

Please go through these training material and try to achieve the same.
You can see the live demo here.

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hello Can You explain For this