Checked bot is check or not?

Hello Every One,

Today I want to get the status of Check box whether it is checked or not.

  1. I have tried Get Attribute activity but it doesn’t work for me.
    The selector below remains same whether it is checked or not checked.

  2. I have tried Find Image activity
    But the variable is of Uielement so I used isvisible function with it.
    For exampled variable is (Ischecked.Isvisible) but it only gives True output if false it gives an error.
    I wanted to use in IF activity that if the condition is true i will perform x function else Y.

@Bijay_Jha - Use Check Activity . It will help you.


Thanks for your reply.

But the check Activity output doesn’t store in a variable so that further i have to used in if conditions.

Hi @Bijay_Jha

1.If you verifying image chack box is checked or not Try Screen scrapping darg that check
box if that is u means that checkbox is not checked .If that is m that check box is checked.
2.If it is web application use Get Attribute activity there you can select checked option


I have attached zip file after download unzip and open run main.xaml file here I verified zoho website login page there I checked check box checked or not. (35.3 KB)

Kommi Jeevan.

Thanks Kommijeevan,

the same is working on that website but when i try in my required Webpage it gives an error.


Thanks, Everyone for your reply.
I got the answer.
Used Find Image activity and increased the accuracy percentage to 98%.

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