Check activity issue

Hi ,

I want to check one check box but all attributes are same in checked and unchecked condition. And check activity also not working. Help me how to identify the check box is checked or not.


By your screenshot this is a web application right?

Can you share the selector generated by the Check Activity?

In the UiExplorer check the property explorer as well for attributes not showing up in your selector.

Yeah Sales Force Application

All Attributes are same in both scenarios(checked and unchecked)

Check Activity works with checkbox/radio (INPUT) elements.

In you selector we can see that the β€˜tag’ attribute is a LABEL, so it will not work.

Use UiExplorer and get the correct element or give a shot and just change tag from LABEL to INPUT.

give a shot and just change tag from LABEL to INPUT. β†’ How can i do that kindly help me on that

Type it directly in the selector:

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Perfectly working thank you so much :slight_smile:

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