'Check App State' activity unavailable

I am completely new to the topic of RPA, so I apologize for maybe asking very simple questions. :wink:

I want to automate the data extraction from a web page. Depending on the specified input on “INPUT page”, there is a “RESULTS page” (showing a filtered result list) or a “DATA page” (showing the desired data). In case of “RESULTS page”, one more click is necessary to see the intended “DATA page”.

In the ‘UiPath Academy’, the ‘Check App State’ activity is used to validate to state of a given application. I think this is the activity to distinguish between “RESULTS page” and “DATA page”. Unfortunately, this activity does not show up in my installed StudioX version. Has it been renamed? Or is there an alternative activity to be used in my given use case? Thank you for a hint.

Hi @JonnyMueller

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

First things first - a lot of screenshots and extra context about your situation can help you get the answer.

However, it seems like you have an issue of a missing activity:

This might be caused by the activity package version you have installed. It can be updated via the Package Manager though :slight_smile:

Thank you, @loginerror, for your reply. I wondering, which screenshot would be useful for you, since I am talking about something, which is missing … :wink: As I already said, I am a beginner.

I am using a demo trial version at the moment. I have no clue where to finde the ‘Package Manager’, which you mentioned. Where should I search for it? Thank you for a hint.

About the screenshots, I meant an example of the pages you want to automate. This might give hints to other users on how the fields look like / the flow of automation is supposed to look like.

As far as package manager, see here:

You can read more about it here: