How to check status of application on dashboard with Studio X

I’m wondering if there is any way in Studio X or reading this data from a dashboard on a website and then being able to determine if my App is up or down based on the what I see?



Hi @johnom,

You can try:

  1. To see if the element has some indicating value (e.g. the name of the image) that define the red x (usually does)
  2. Use Ocr to recognize the image and from that get the text with Anchor to the image

@Gabriele_Camilli Thanks, will try that.
What is ocr?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. You use that when you have to “Read” images, so when the text is not in the page but just in an image

To know what are the activities, this is the Documentation on what UIPath provides it term of this technology

I suggest to use it as a last resort, because is less reliable than other methods

Thanks. Are these OCR activities available in StudioX?

Hi @Gabriele_Camilli

I’m trying to see if the element exists or not. I would use the activity “Element Exist” in Studio.
What’s the corresponding activity in StudioX?



The corresponding activity from StudioX is check app state


@dragos.suma Thank you