Extract table date StudioX - managing website errors

Hi, i´m working with the Extract table data activities and it works, the table is in more that one page so i have to select the element to go to the next page, but the website is unstable and sometimes shows an error when it goes to the next page so i can´t finish the process. I can skip that error browsing and going back in the webpage, but i´m trying to find a way to check the app state every time i go to the next page. Is it posible to do it? how? Or is another way to deal with website error for this activity

Hey @julian.alveal
I think what you can do is use an element exists activity and indicate the error element if it comes then you click something like okay or cancel so it will proceed.
Also, keep the property continue on error true for element exists so if the error does not come it will just proceed.
Let me know if this works or not.

Thanks very much for your answer.
I´m working with StudioX Community and the element exists activity i think is for Studio version. Do you know if it a similar activity in StudioX(is the free edition)

Thanks for your help

I think it’s there for StudioX just go to app/web and check in that once there will for sure be a similar activitiy.
I’ll also check again but if you find in app/web let me know.

I think it is Check App State activity . I will try
Thanks again

okay great
if it solves your problem please mark it as solution

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