How to perform certain actions on the SAP table


I am trying to do the actions described in the image given below::

Thank You


Can anyone help with this issue?


Just try this. Read the table as datatable. Do manipulation to find the row number for the value in datatable.

In Double click selector , there will be row ID. You can use the dynamic value for the row ID.


I am able to understand that to use the double click but how will it iterate to the last row of the column “Balance”. Because there are other tables also.

Please help me regarding this.

I think i need to use the vb script recording for this but i am not very good in vbs.

Please help me!


For scrapping the table from SAP, you can use DATA SCRAPING .
Refer- About Data Scraping

You will get the whole table even if the data row is available at the end.


That i can do…but not able to iterate through all the rows of the column. Then double click on the last item of the column “Balance” in the SAP application.

Thats what i am trying to do.