& character not supporting in UI Path when pasting into Text Area

Hi All,

I have a text in excel column which contains ‘&’.
I am using UI path Read range and reading the text and using type into to paste in text area.

However, i observed that whereever & is encountered, the text is tripped and UI path taking only the text before &. When I replace & with and, this works.

However, I want to use & only in text area. Any clue?


I tested your situation and it is really strange. I encounter no issue when reading from Excel file and into a freshly opened Notepad document. Both values were properly typed in:


Notepad after Type Into:

Could you provide more context to the issue (which Activities, how does the input field look like that you are trying to type into, etc.)


This is a text area in servicenow application.

Is it possible that the field does not support this character? Also, maybe it would work when you increase the delay between the characters for the Type Into activity?