Type into does not write full text

I’m getting a value from excel and I’m using the type into function, but it doesn’t write the full value.

I want to write this value → (‘Scheduled Start Date +’> = “ 23:59:59” AND ‘Scheduled Start Date +’ <= “ 23:59:59”) AND ('Status * ‘<> “Draft” AND’ Status * '<> “Canceled”) ← but it cuts out some parts.


May I know what value it’s missing to write ?

he writes exactly that → (‘Scheduled start date +’> = “03/17/2020 23:59:59” AND ‘Scheduled start date +’ <“Draft” AND ‘Status *’ “Canceled”)

This is missing > <“ 23:59:59” AND ‘Status *’ <>

I’m getting this value from Excel and storing it in a String


Check SimulateType and set DelayBetweenKeys to 20 and then try once.

unsuccessful, still does not write a part of the value


Is there any length limit on that text field ?

And also manually are you able to copy all that text or not ?

there is no limit.

and I can also do it manually.


Then try with Set Text activity once.

I tried too, but without success


Its weird.

Try with Set to Clipboard and Get From Clipboard activities and see.

a lot, he doesn’t recognize the signs> <, I don’t understand why yet. it must be because it is on the cloud server …

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