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Hello Studio Developer Team,

this weekend I built my first activity as a dotNET Core 5 library to use it in Studio 21.8 with dotNET Core Windows. In this context I saw that you have implemented the System.Activity and the Workflow Foundation class according to dotNET Core 5. Great, applause to you. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Best regards

Thanks @StefanSchnell, I will pass your feedback to our developers.

Please let us know how this works for you and consider sharing your activities via the marketplace if you think others can benefit from your work :slight_smile:

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Hello Alexandru,

thank you very much for your reply. Everything works great with the libraries, some adjustments were necessary in my C# code, because of some changes between dotNET Framework 4.61 and dotNET 5 - that’s all. :grinning:

For the marketplace I opened two tickets (GSD-3954 and GSD-3955) with extension suggestions.

  1. In the runtime selection is it only possible the choice between .Net Framework or .Net Core. My package allows both, .Net Framework and .Net Core. My suggestion is to change the RadioButtons into CheckBoxes, like in Code Language, so I would have the choice to decide one or both.

  2. Another suggestion is to expand the selection of the runtime to three possibilities, like in your compatibility list. .Net Framework, .Net Core Windows and .Net Core Cross-platform, instead of two. On this way, as an interested party, I know exactly for which target the activity can be used.

I have therefore not yet uploaded the new versions of my packages to the marketplace. I hope to get an answer soon.

Best regards

GSD-3955 was implemented.