Changing the package version in Json before publishing

Hi Team,

I have different versions of my UiPath code due to different environments like Prod QA Dev . so if I want to publish the code in QA by directly taking the files from DEV and changing the package version number to match the one in Orchestrator will it be any cause of error.

Hi @Ritika_Singh,
Yes It will not work all the time, When you will open the code higher version to lower version, it will give you unresolved activities error.

Lets assume following

DEV: Proc#A-V3-alpha
PROD: Proc#-V2

taking Proc#A-V3-alpha and renaming to Proc#-V2 and publishing/deploying/rolling out

can have a risk of direct / indirect sideeffects.

Whenever a modified nuget (#P*) within a version is (re)-deployed where a nuget with this version (#P) already exists, then it can be the case that it will not picked up and get updated within .nuget store or resulting in other side effects.

In such scenarios we just cleaned up the environment (eliminate #P), where we want to redeploy #P* and then for usuall deploy mechanism from nuget was triggered.

it maybe can happen
It will happen when changes within the version are incompatible e.g. activities property sets …

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I am talking about the xaml version number that we get before publishing to orchestrator

project version defined in project.json, right?

yes I am talking about that