Managing Library Packages

I am experiencing issues with my code libraries.

I have a folder of code used as a library that contains 20+ different xaml files. When I make a change to one of these files and test the changes alone in a unit test, everything works as expected. However, when I publish the new code, create a new package, and update the library package in the larger UiPath project, and place the new activity into the code…it does not seem to run the new code that I just created and packaged. It seems to run an older version as far as I can tell.

But, I have taken the xaml file I made changes to and created an entirely new folder/library of code with just that one xaml file (instead of keeping inside the larger library with more xaml files), and when I publish and update inside the main project everything works as expected.

Does this make sense and can anybody speak to what might be happening? My concern is that I may be publishing/packaging the new library incorrectly and the separate library I made is only working because it is version 1.01.



Is it refering to a different xaml with same name in a different folder

Please try to recheck…ideally once updated it cannot use the old one unless it is retained


No I don’t believe it is. It shows the most recent package number


Did you happen to use the correct package?

And are the chnages saved?

After importing new package did we verify the xamls once?


we assume that each publish had its own version and no publish with an existing / in the past used version number was done, right?

Yes each one has it’s own version


Oh, much advanced to 1.0.1

There are severel factors which can cause the issue (Packaging, Deployment, Runtime Rule…)

However, an investigation we would start within the nuget repository
%userprofile%. nuget\packages\packagename\version

here we would check:

  • is it present
  • the content as we would expect
  • the metadata nuspec

there are several things we cannot derive from the description (where the package was published, and consumed…) But let’s keep in mind: without further knowledge of constraints and side effects, we do not update an existing nuget with modified content (not at the feed location, not within the nuget repos…)

We did in one certain scenario a cleanup within the nuget repos and forced the refetching of the package. With some markers, we ensured that the package of expectation was correctly used within the UiPath project, which consumed the package

The package appears in the user profile .nuget path. I don’t know what else to check