Changing table row value to table row value for Dyanmic Selecotr

Hi all

I have to click an item in a loop and for that changing it AtonDynamic Selector.

So I analyzed the selectors for the click and changed the selector attribute tableRow to variable value which is defined in assigned activity .

It’s showing me error like this. I hope I did it correct. Don’t know where it’s going on wrong .

Can any one help me . Thanks in advance.


TableRow will takes the integer value…

Could you please open this in UiExplorer and select the aaname…

We can replace the aaname value with our variable…


S Naini Table row value is increasing by 3 from the second row and I wrote a logic in assign like table row = table row +3

And for Ui Explorer :
Looks like aaname is same for everything because I need to click on the file name which is same name for every row.

Im attaching uiexplorer selector for first 3 rows click

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As it says, you don’t have a variable named tableRow defined in the scope this activity is in.

I defined in the studio this varibale

But you have it scoped to the Table_Extratio_2 activity. You have to scope it higher so it’s available in other places.

that is most higher scope defined it …

If that were true you wouldn’t be getting this error.

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