How to insert row value from a data table inside a selector


Can someone help me fix my selector below? I’ve tried different ways so the bot can click the desired element but it’s not working. I’ve been stuck on this problem for a while now.

Tick the aaname in the selectors and untick everything else

Hi @shibani,

Yeah. But I’m trying to replace the value of aaname to ’ " +row(7).ToString+" ’ as it came from a data table. However, whenever I try to replace it, the row will not be recognize even though I already put it inside a For Each activity. I just need a little help on that one and I’m done with the whole project.


Try Below solution :

Create variable ABC and assign row(7).tostring value to that variable
set aaname = ‘{{ABC}}’ in your selector.


Try replaying the aaname like this

Still no luck sir. This is getting really frustrating.


Can I just send my xaml file here and the excel file so you can check?


if possible then share xaml file.


Here it is.

Find_Target.xaml (9.7 KB)

Output.xlsx (9.4 KB)


I had updated your workflow, please check with this and let me know

Find_Target.xaml (10.8 KB)


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Hi @sunilRdGlobal,

It is working but please do understand that value row 7 on my excel file may change. I can’t perform too many Assign activity with that.


i can’t understand row 7 on excel file may change means.


If you will check my excel file, the values on row 7 are all the same right? Sometimes, the values on that row may differ. So using Assign would not be practical.

row 7 is column value which is present at column. if value is change in any row its get on same variable using same activity.

any value present in row 7 its assign to that variable and use that variable in selection.

Thanks! I will integrate it with the whole process and let you know.

Hi @sunilRdGlobal,

It worked. Thanks!

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