How to use selector and indicate the robot to click the next row item on webpage?

Please help

use the properties ‘Rowindex’ if you can get and check what the value for the first row and the second, take that value as a variable and pass that variable into your selector.

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Where do I find Rowindex Property?

Can you please explain? I am not sure how to pass that variable into your selector

open UiExplorer and indicate the first row where you need to click and send the screenshot, so that i can guide on that.?

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For example if the selector rowName is 1 and the next one is 2. How do I edit the selector to make it more scalable?

I don’t think * work well in this case either,


Yes * won’t work here and you have to pass variable into selector to make it dynamic.

Create one interger variable and initialize it to 1

rowIndex = ’ “+index.Tostring+” ’

Put this Activity inside the loop and increment the index value one by one.

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The pattern of each row is incrementing, The rowName as well as tableRow change accordingly

Can you explain pass variable into selector?

no, declare one variable named RowIndex as integer and initiate it withe value 1 and in selector rowindex=‘“+RowIndex .ToString+”’.

once after the first click make it as RowIndex =RowIndex +1.

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@BSC Is it possible to share the screenshot or url of the page

make both of them as variables and increment them accordingly.

I am so sorry I am not sure I follow. So I use Assign activity activity to create variables?

or should I just create variable or the variables panel?

@Divyashreem @lakshman I tried. I gave me an error on selector

can you open UiExplorer and indicate that element and share the screenshot.?

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Due to confidentiality, I cannot share my screenshot.

Please help

I think I have a problem with selector. How do you type it on selector?