File Not save in Folder with proper name

I am trying to give a dynamic file name, But at run time without any error its saves with a different name


I believe its not taking the name…

Please perform a click before typing and then try or generally you have two combo boxes that you can indicate for the text part to key in…try to hover over and select the inner one …mostly that works


Already doing the same


Please dont use set text and not sure why you are using typeinto with blank and again a set text

Please remove set text and give the value in type into only


this happens sometimes with chrome/edge. The behavior is that whatever you type in the filename field, then click “save” button, the file will still be saved with the original name, into the location that was defaulted on the save as window.

In this scenario, what works for me is NOT use simulate type. use the normal hardware type action, do a verification with Get Text to make sure it was typed accurately. Then instead of “Click” activity, send a hotkey {Enter} to the filename element. Always works when the normal saving doesn’t.

Hi @JSR_Techno_Talk_s

If you are working with modern activitivies, you can use input method as Hardware Events


:frowning: still facing same issue


Can you please add a click activity before it or use click before typing option checked


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