Changes aren't showing when publishing to Orchestrator


I’ve noticed an issue when making smalls changes (specifically updating the e-mail distribution list), publishing to Orchestrator > Version management & updating. to latest.

For some reason, when following the above actions, small changes like updating the e-mail list in the last activity (send mail), aren’t showing upon the next trigger being actioned. Instead, the previous e-mail distribution list is being triggered, this is the same whether a variable is used or the e-mail addresses are ‘hard-coded’.

Even when completely removing the package from Orchestrator & re-publishing the project has the same errors.

Is this a known bug? Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I’m using Studio Version 2019.10.3, UiPath Mail.Activities 1.9.3 & UiPath System.Activities v20.10.1



Are you using the distribution list ID or individual email id’s ?

You can make a log message to print the distribution list / individual ID’s

Any error means share the details, Are you using Outlook activities or SMTP for sending the mails?


I’m using individual e-mail addresses through the Outlook Activity.
There isn’t any specific errors being thrown when running attended mode. The only error is when the package is pushed to Orchestrator, version updated to the latest & the only error i can see is in the actual e-mails that are being contacted - these are all from earlier versions.

I’m using Outlook activities which is working as intended for all of the other processes running through orchestrator.

I’ve tried to remove the project.json file & even when everything has been removed from Orchestrator, the new package published, it’s still (somehow) accessing the previous version of the code



That’s weird, I love to see this in action, If you can show me via zoom that will be great, so that we both can debug the issue


It is really strange - there must be some strain of an earlier package somewhere in Orchestrator for it to be pulling details from a previous process. Where that may be, i have no idea.

Unfortunately its a data-sensitive process, so i’m unable to share the details via zoom, etc. Thank you for offering though.

Hi @PJ_17

Try changing your project name from project json file and publish it, so that project will get published as a new package.

Create a new process with that package and try executing the process

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