Change the Values in a desktop application


I had a desktop application, that did not accept simple Click…


My goal is to change the Filed Just in the Right of Exeptionnel.

i had tryed click text and send tab hotkey but it does not work

For table, every cell is indicated by row and column indices.
So try using selector to target the right cell in the TypeInto Activity.

Karthik Byggari

I can’t use selector to identify thé celles, when i Hover over thé cells, it select the whole table (screen)

I’m Starck with this problem,

for each Exeptionnel data field you have to perform the action.

hello Anjalmi01,

Can you please elaborate more: doing for each for whcih input?

The input here is a scrapped datatable, i can Filter on “Exeptionnel” it will give a datatable but how to write the value

To read data table elements use “For Each Row Activity” and in the body use “Get Row Item Activity”.I have attached an example please check it.
DataTable.xaml (7.4 KB)
new.xlsx (9.3 KB)

i repete the goal is to write into the application (change the value relative to “Exceptional” from:

7,51 => 0.00
7,51 +> 0,00

Hey ,


Hey, run this
DataTable.xaml (7.0 KB)

same thing:

which ativities had you used

This is the Workflow.

You have to print the elements of a particular row right?
I have used “For each row Activity” and in the Body section i have used “Get Row Item Activity”(I had to read first column elements so i have used 0 as a column index in the get row item column index field.)


i repete the goal is to write into the application (change the value relative to “Exceptional” from:

7,51 => 0.00
7,51 +> 0,00

DataTable_.xaml (8.6 KB)
Have a look.

ok, ans how to put values un thé Window
I can’t upload a datatable,

It ils n’ont an excellent manipulation

Using workflow i was just trying to you a simple Idea to you to solve your problem.
and if you have to put the values in the Windows Application then you can go with Type Into Activity.

i can’t extract data from the window even using OCR :((((((

so i hade done a flow it work for one ligne and ignore other lines:

test22(Autosaved).xaml (26.2 KB)


any body can help