Data Entry in a Table application

Hello everyone,

I have a table inside an application that looks like the one below and I want to enter data coming from a spreadsheet.

What is the best way to navigate through the cells in the data? I also have to check the “code” column to match in the spreadsheet to know where to put the correct data.

looking forward to everyone’s reply. TIA

Look at the selectors of each cell,

you can do a for each row in your datatable and match on the code
Get code field - then try and match it to selector for the corresponding row
Enter information into relevant fields and move onto next

Hope the suggestions helps

Hi @TimK thank you for your reply. can you elaborate more?

I assume your spreadsheet matches what the table looks like

So Code | Name | Project | Sub Project | Activity as headers

Read in your spreadsheet into a datatable within UiPath then use a For Each Row.

For Each Row in Datatable
  Assign - Code = item("Code").ToString
  (Depending on what the Code is, use that to find the corresponding row on your application table)
  i.e. the first row on your spreadsheet is Code 314.
  Enter the rest of the information for that row

You need to identify how you can locate each row in the application datatable by the selectors.