Change a value of a web table not in the UI screen


I’m having an issue with an interaction in the process I’m managing.
The situation the following:


In the explorer webpage you can see in the image attached above, I’m checking all fields contained in the first column, extracting the “Documenti” table in a dt (also for the rows not visualized in the UI), and comparing it with a value passed in an excel (let’s say, a value XXX).
When XXX and one of the red field are the same on a certain row, my program updates the value of the second column (of the selected row) to “Yes/Si”, double clicking on the specific (in order to select it man make it “writeable”) cell and rewriting its value (I reached this results using a dinamic selector).

Handling this task in this way (with a dt) allows me to do not use the scroll bar, making the comparison per each row faster and more secure.


The program obviously fails when the row that should be selected is not in the screen (circle in yellow in the first image): in fact, thanks to the dt my program is able to verify the corrispondence, but not able to click in the value in the second colum and re-insert the value.
I already tried to expand the table but unfortunately no rows are added (just a grey space).

If needed I can also attach the specific flowchart for these actions!
Does someone have any suggestion on how to handle this?

Many thanks!


Are you using a click activity to move to the target cell? Have you tried using the “simulate click” property?

It actually worked!
This solution was so simple, then!!! :slight_smile:

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