Change the tenant from studio

Hi everyone,

I’m under the community version of UiPath
I would like to work with the modern folder, I have already a created one which is the shared folder in Orchestrator

and I would like to connect to this folder from Studio
but I don’t have the possibility to switch from the default one.
Can you please help me?


give a try on briningin the tenant info within the Orchestrator URL like:


The Modern folder needs to be associated with a Machine template and then you must connect to that machine using the machine key.

That will display the Modern folder in your Studio once you are connected to the Machine Template from UiPath Assistant.

Hope this helps

Thank you @ppr for your help but it doesn’t work

Thank you @rpavanguard for your help :slight_smile:
It works for me and I marked your response as a solution :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome @nourchene.ben-elouehma!

Glad it helped. Thanks for marking the Solution as it will help the community a lot :slight_smile:

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