Challenge in reading stock price from website

I am trying to read stock price from money control website. But I have challenge as shown in the below screenshot. Each character is highlighted vertically and couldnt be read as a complete value. Please assist.

@Manjari_Ramadas - Since this is an unreliable selector, You can use CV activities for this case.


You can see, there is a space after the . so I had fix it using string.replace method to get the correct value.

Hi Manjari,

I am facing the same problem of selector on Moneycontrol website, were you able to fix it? Can you please let me know, how did you do it?

Also, I see in your screenshot, how did you get the full form of the stock’s short forms.

Please help, Thank you in advance!

Hi, i realized if you disable Javascript (e.g. in chrome this is how you disable it)

it will be able to capture the price fully

there is another advantage if you disable javascript which is that the page loads a lot faster
the disadvantage is that you wont see the chart anymore since that is dependent on javascript